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The Prof. Alberto Barros Reproductive Genetics Centre is a reference in the reproductive medicine sector, having helped thousands of families to make their dream come true!


Implementing a monitoring system in IVF clinics is key to ensuring the quality, safety, and efficiency of procedures. It enables early identification of faults, ensures regulatory compliance, enables informed decision-making, optimises operational efficiency, reduces risks, and promotes continuous process improvement. With proper monitoring, clinics can operate with confidence, delivering excellent care and making their patients’ dreams of parenthood come true.

  • Incubators status and temperature
  • Laboratory environmental conditions
  • Monitoring of the CO2 levelso
  • Cold chain temperature.

As our customers’ satisfaction is essential, ViGIE decided to interview an interlocutor of this entity, Mr. Nuno Barros, acting as Centre for Genetics of Reproduction Prof. Alberto Barros embryologist, realizing how ViGIE contributes to an effective maintenance of CGR A Barros  facilities.

1) What need did the ViGIE system fulfil?

Our need centred on temperature control of incubators and refrigerators. Every day we had to manually remove the data loggers, transfer, and analyse the data. At the time, we were looking for a system that would transfer data automatically 24 hours a day.

2) What is the importance of the ViGIE system?

It’s safety and peace of mind. The probes are installed, and monitoring is continuous. If there’s a problem, alarms will let you know in real time, which gives you more control than if you left the data logger overnight and checked the next day that, for example, the power had gone out.

By having the alarm notification directed to mobile phones and emails we can be much more relaxed and confident.

3) Could you expand on the perspective from the Centre’s staff and patients?

From the patient’s perspective there is the assurance that their embryos and gametes are safe due to that control.

As for the staff, fundamentally it is the level of peace of mind we have about possible alarms either from power failures or equipment failures. Having these alerts, we can immediately control what happens, namely when the temperature fluctuates, a breakdown occurs, or the supply of an essential gas fails. In short, it’s a way to ensure quality and safety.

4) Was there a moment when our system was crucial?

There was an episode where the door of an incubator opened slightly, and the temperature started to drop. It happened around 11pm and we were immediately alerted.

5) Could you financially quantify the costs saved?

The importance of life cannot be quantified. In addition, we are talking about very sensitive and expensive treatments, which results in the requirement to have an equipment monitoring system. We value the obligation and the importance of having a system that warns several elements, thus having a faster and more effective resolution circuit.

6) How would you describe our customer service?

Whenever we need it, the response is quick, and the assistance is also efficient. We are very satisfied.

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