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FairJourney faced the challenge of efficiently monitoring critical equipment when it found the ideal solution in the ViGIE platform. This case explores how the implementation of this advanced technology transformed the company’s operations, ensuring safety and efficiency.


With the responsibility of managing high-value equipment such as incubators, freezers, and ultra-freezers, FairJourney needed a reliable system that offered precise real-time monitoring. The risk associated with the loss of valuable materials, such as reagents and cell cultures, demanded a robust and integrated solution.

Solution: ViGIE Platform

FairJourney chose the ViGIE platform, an advanced monitoring solution that promised not only effective equipment surveillance but also an intuitive interface and ease of use. The implementation began with a pilot project involving 9 sensors, aiming to test the system’s efficacy.

Implementation and Expansion:

The initial results were impressive. The reliability of the data provided by ViGIE and its ease of integration led FairJourney to rapidly expand the use of the platform. In just one year, the company installed 150 probes, covering a wide range of equipment. The ViGIE platform not only offers real-time monitoring but also facilitates the parameterization of alarms and the organization of data by sectors.


The adoption of ViGIE by Fair Journey resulted in:

Efficient Monitoring: Currently, with about 300 probes in operation, the company achieved complete visibility of the status of critical equipment.

Risk Reduction: The precision and reliability of the ViGIE system significantly minimized the risk of losing valuable materials.

Exceptional Support: The technical and commercial support team of ViGIE demonstrated a remarkable commitment to FairJourney’s success, offering personalized assistance whenever necessary.

FairJourney’s experience with the ViGIE platform illustrates how monitoring technology can be a valuable asset for companies. The successful implementation not only ensured the protection of critical assets but also improved operational efficiency and reinforced customer confidence. This case highlights the importance of choosing technological solutions that align with the specific needs of the company and that can grow and evolve along with it.

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