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Did you ever miss something because you didn’t pay attention to your notifications and SMS or were too busy to check your emails? What if it was something important like a doctor reaching out or a huge job opportunity? What if it was your home alarm buzzing and you didn’t notice, reacting too late to what was going on? Wouldn’t you wish someone had called you to make sure you got the message?

That’s right, ViGIE doesn’t want you to take any risks with your most valuable assets and now provides Voice call alerts to make sure you don’t miss an important alarm.

We understand that not everything that you monitor is critical, therefore, you can activate this communication method only for the most important equipment, and even on those equipment, you may select that you only wish to be alerted when something critical happens.

You may also activate this option to every user or only one or two users, those who are responsible for the correct maintenance of your equipment.

Think about that fridge that’s currently storing millions on medicine or vaccines. Think about the importance of differential pressure on isolation rooms for patients with a compromised immunity system. Think about that cryo container preserving embryos for future generations or the incubator with the last change of someone to have a baby. What if something goes wrong and you were asleep or didn’t hear the email or SMS ringing? If it’s really important to you, we don’t want you to have to take any risks.

“Oh, but what if I have someone to be on call overnight? Shouldn’t he be the one alerted?” You’re absolutely right and don’t worry, you can pair it with our Shifts module allowing you to configure a specific work shift for a specific user to be alerted overnight, on weekends or on vacation periods.

If it looks too much to configure you can contact us through our usual channels and we’ll help you with that or any doubt that may arise.

Check out now how you can activate this new communication method.

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