Vaccine Vigilance: A Nighttime Success Story

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A client in Portugal faced a significant challenge when a refrigerator used for the conservation of vaccines, valued at thousands of euros, unexpectedly broke down during the night. This equipment was under the constant monitoring of the ViGIE System, an advanced platform operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

ViGIE System:

The ViGIE System is a continuous monitoring technological solution, designed to provide real-time surveillance and alerts of any irregularities. This system is crucial in the immediate detection of problems such as temperature changes, being essential to avoid the loss of important assets.

Nighttime Emergency Situation:

The refrigerator malfunction occurred during the night, a particularly challenging period due to the reduced availability of staff. The ViGIE System immediately detected the problem and issued the first level of alarm. Due to the late hour and the lack of response from first-level users, the system escalated to the second level of alarm, indicating a critical situation.

Effective Response During the Night:

The service director, alerted by the ViGIE System through SMS, recognized the urgency of the situation. Despite being outside of working hours, she acted promptly to mobilize the emergency maintenance team.

Actions Taken and Resolution:

The team, with the detailed information provided by the ViGIE System, verified that the refrigerator in question was malfunctioning, moving its contents to a backup refrigerator, available for this purpose, thus avoiding the loss of the vaccines. This incident highlighted the effectiveness of the monitoring system and the importance of an intelligent multi-level alarm system, for a rapid and coordinated response, 24/7.


This case study highlighted the effectiveness of the ViGIE System in protecting critical assets and the need for attentive leadership and a well-trained team to respond to emergencies, especially during the night. The experience reinforced the importance of robust monitoring systems and agile response protocols to ensure the safety of assets and the continuity of operations.

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