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The transport of medicines, blood and other biological materials is a critical step that, when not carried out properly, can lead to erroneous test results or even to the unfeasibility of the samples themselves. This can result not only in economic losses (by the patient, hospital, pharmacy and/or laboratory) but also in the endangerment of patient’s health in case the integrity of samples is compromised but undetected.

To assure the quality of the transported material is important to follow the guidelines established. This regards not only the samples accommodation but also the environmental conditions such as temperature or relative humidity and here is where ViGIE3 can make a huge contribution.

With ViGIE3 Transport module, it is possible to monitor the environmental parameters of the sample cases during the move from one place to another with the assignment of sensors to those cases.

Firstly, it’s simple to define the journeys the samples are going to make from either the ViGIE Web Platform or from the ViGIE Android App. Moreover, with the association of a QR code to the sensors it becomes as easy as reading a QR code with a mobile phone.

A set of ideal conditions can be established for the samples journey and the detection of off limit values will trigger an alert for pre-defined users. These alerts can be done by Email, SMS or App Notification.

Additionally, it’s possible to retrieve reports from every journey that evidence graphically the environmental conditions the samples have undertaken, the conditions established for the journey and a set of statistics to evaluate the journey such as maximum, minimum and average of values, number of readings during the journey and percentage off the limits established.

The alarmistic system allows to setup 2 levels of conditions that be converted into different categories of alerts and set the responsibility to acknowledge any issue found during the transportation of samples.

In sum, the ViGIE3 Transport module is a powerful tool designed to help mitigate the consequences of wrong biological sample transportation by:
• Ensuring that your samples transportation is being held in the right conditions.
• The detection of deviations that can affect the integrity of the samples with multichannel alert of those deviations.
• Report generation with complete dataset of the samples journey, for evidence and compliance purposes.

All of this can help minimizing the risks of transportation and improve overall sample management practices.

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