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In an IVF laboratory, maintaining stable conditions for viable embryo development is crucial. Deviations from the required conditions can negatively impact the quality of growth media and, consequently, the viability of the embryos themselves. That’s why is so important to support the process high-quality data management. ViGIE 3 is a continuous monitoring and alarm system that is used in many IVF clinics in Europe. It provides accurate real-time information, reports and assure the entire incubation process monitoring. ViGIE 3 seamlessly integrates into laboratory quality control procedures, providing precise information for clinic audits and compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Cryogenic Monitoring and Safety

Cryogenic monitoring is an essential component of IVF clinics from transport to storage.

As embryos, sperm or eggs are stored at very low temperatures in liquid nitrogen dewars, monitoring sensors must be able to detect even minor temperature fluctuations and alert staff to potential issues, enabling safety measures to be taken and prevent any failure that could result in loss.

Process Integration Monitoring

Besides the Cryogenic monitoring, ViGIE Solutions works closely with IVF lab staff to anticipate potential issues and provide solutions to control every step of the process. This includes monitoring dry, wet, or time-lapse incubator parameters such as operating status, temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 concentration, as well as monitor laboratory room environmental parameters such as VOC concentration, differential pressure, or CO2 and O2 concentration.

By having this information in real time, critical conditions can be avoided, and laboratory operations can become more predictable. This data provides peace of mind to clinical personnel and ensures the process is running in optimal conditions.

Implementing continuous monitoring with ViGIE improves IVF clinics Safety, Savings, Compliance and Efficiency.

It offers real-time information that allows for timely reactions, especially in cases of excursions outside the safety range. This ensures traceability and continuous information about the transport and storage conditions of cells before they are used on a patient. By avoiding periods of time without data, the efficacy and safety of assets is assured.

Real-time control of the laboratory environmental conditions is crucial for everyone’s safety. Monitoring O2 levels in cryopreservation rooms is mandatory and should be performed using a sensor with a clear visual and audible indication in cases of a drop in O2 concentration is only one of several examples.

The IVF process has low success rates, and small variations in process variables can be determinant for that success. Having automatic real-time information of these variables is critical and indispensable.

ViGIE 3 frees up clinical staff from tasks that are now guaranteed by automatic and real-time solutions. Digitalizing the information flow that becomes accessible anytime and from anywhere promotes efficiency.

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